How to read the statement

How to read the statement

How To Read Statement
This how the statement looks like, let’s go through it:
  • Black box: It has your account number, the invoice number, and the date this statement was issued (Not the payment due date)
  • Yellow box: Your name and address
  • Red box: Snapshot of the account monies:
    • Balance brought forward is anything that was not paid from previous statements
    • This Bill is the current month bill amount
    • Total Due is the balance brought forward if any + the current bill amount
    • Due Date is the date this statement is due
  • Blue box: Extended summary of the bill which includes last payment made in the previous bill, any adjustments on the bill if any, Excess usages if any, plan fees, Bolt-on packs if any and finally a column graph comparing your last 6 months of spending trend
  • Orange box: This section is for the payment options and all the information you need to correctly pay your statement.

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